Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Pure Joy!


Here are a few items that ease my anxiety and frustration during covid lockdown.
They seemed heaven sent as we all need inspiration these days to get us out of our funk. The two Tex Avery Blu-ray volumes contain fantastic transfers of Avery's best cartoons. Very few animated films make me laugh out loud, these do constantly, no matter how many times I watch them.
My all time favorites: Bad Luck Blackie and King Size-Canary

The Sullivant book is finally here!! And is is magnificent...and big. 400 pages that show this master illustrator's work in chronological order. Also included are short essays by a few top cartoonists and scholars. You just have to get this book...end of sentence!

The 6 part book series by Didier Ghez titled They Drew as they Pleased is now complete. Disney's visual development artists finally get their due in these incredibly well researched volumes. Insightful information about their art as well as their lives. Needless to say the illustrations are breathtaking, most of them never been published before.


  1. Those Didier Ghez books are all on my wishlist...
    Also, I thought you might want to see this


    Will you look at that top 3 :P

    1. You mean the absence of Cruella in the top 10?
      Jokes aside, well deserved! Super happy that Scar took his crown.

    2. The absence of Cruella in the top spot is WRONG.

    3. Don't look at me, Dalmatians has got to be my most searched title ever since I got Disney+, the rest of the world is just not doing their homework! :P

    4. Both lack of Cruella and Maleficent being lower than The Queen of Hearts give me pause...

    5. Same, and as much as I love Scar, I'm disappointed that Chernabog is never even included in any of these lists...

  2. Thanks for your tips! :)

    "A Cockeyed Menagerie" is the first book on my wish list...But at first I need new spectacle lenses...
    Instead of buying much more books I collect screnshots from artworks by T.S. Sullivant, Heinrich Kley, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Louis Moe ect.

    And I read my Terry Pratchett books again!
    Because he is a master!
    My King!
    My GOD!

    To come down I watch Youtube drawing tutorials by the teacher Matthew Archambault.
    He is great!..

    Although I think you, Mr Deja, and most of the readers know it...It is a happy news that on 6.June 2021 your Blog will be 10 YEARS old!
    :) ....