Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Mowgli & Kaa

Here is a story sketch by Vance Gerry, who boarded the sequence in which Kaa tries for the second time to hypnotize Mowgli. I believe young Floyd Norman also contributed story drawings for this section of The Jungle Book. There are plenty of terrific personality gags here. I love that Kaa's body can turn into specific but unexpected forms to interact with Mowgli. A swing, a staircase etc.

Frank Thomas animated the whole sequence, and he made sure that each scene has great entertainment value. He would call this character business. 


  1. I kinda like how much screen time is given to 'character business' in the Disney films from this era

  2. thanks for sharing! It's awesome to see the behind the scenes process of these amazing movies!

  3. Amazing to see more of Kaa/Mowgli behind the scenes stuff! How much of those two do you have?

    1. These are xeroxes only. I don't have any more, but I do know that Frank's roughs from that sequence survived.

  4. I'm continually amazed how Frank Thomas took everything Vance and I did and embellished it wonderfully. Truly a great animator.