Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!


A great Easter character illustration from 1939. Possibly By Tom Wood or Hank Porter.


  1. Happy Easter to you!
    Hey, a while ago you mentioned an old VHS tape of an interview you did with Marc Davis from the mid 90s. Did you ever find it?

  2. Thank you and happy easter to you! :)

    I like Ferdinand and the Ugly Duckling but the whole illustration makes me nervous.
    It's becauce it seems to me that there exists mostly no relationship between the characters.
    When I think of Snow White, Donald Duck and Ugly Duckling, Donalds position is too high and Snow White position have to be more to the right side...

    I like exerscises like this! :)

    Thank you very much, Mr Deja! :)