Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lion Lesson


I have nothing but great memories from that day, when a bunch of wild animals (mostly lions ) took over one of our conference rooms at Disney Animation. I believe at this point the drawing session is over, and most artists have left the building. Ruben Aquino and myself were asked to stick around for some B-roll footage that was to be included into the Making of the Lion King documentary. 

What an amazing day...some of us could have died.  ;)

Here is the link to a previous, more extensive post covering this event: 


  1. In such situation, I probably would've lost a few fingers trying to pet that thing. I mean come on, look at those gigantic paws!

  2. Did you guys ever feel in danger? You alway see those animal attack videos (esp in the 90s!) where the animal is all calm one second and then attacking someone the next second, with the trainer frantically trying to stop it....when the big lion came in were there ppl w tranquilizer guns near by? Or did you feel totally safe?

  3. "some of us could have died" LOL, that's hilarious. I'm so jealous.

  4. LOL, too! :)
    The grandfather of my grandmother trained predators in a circus. So I know what to do in a critical situation...Don't look like a prey!...How?...If I meet a lion and survive I tell it to you. ;D

    Once I met a rottweiler without a dog leash * in a cemetery. The dog seemed to be alone. Although we both stood still and just watched each other my blood ran cold...

    By the way, since the 5th of May 2019 our little hamster has been training „each of our little family“ very successfuly! :D
    That means for me bad conditions to be an ALPHA! :D

    *and without a muzzle

  5. I’m making a breakdown on who animated what shot from Runaway Brain. Can you please help me with some Identifications?

    1. I don't have the animation draft from Runaway Brain.
      But I might remember the animator for certain scenes.

    2. What animation drafts do you have from the work you have worked on. I want to make a breakdown on something Disney. Can you please help?

      Just any animators draft

    3. Sorry, I don't have any drafts from the films I worked on.

  6. Speaking of big cats, Andreas when is Mushka coming out? Any release date set? I cant wait! Also, would you ever consider doing one of those masterclasses?