Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Fred's Dwarfs


This pair of rough animation drawings showing Doc and Grumpy make for a great "flipping experience"
When you flip one drawing over the other, positive change is happening. That's an Eric Larson term. 
When Doc's head and body move upward, his hands change their positions slightly away from the body.
His belly moves downward, away from the head. The tip of his hat also changes direction.

The same goes for Grumpy. His spine goes from straight to curved, as his upper body moves forward a bit. The knees bend sightly to show the shift in weight.

You might want to print out these key drawings and flip them back and forth. For young animators this is the kind of stuff that can make a lightbulb go off!


For more on Fred Moore's dwarfs go here:


  1. Excellent post! Even in the computer screen you can watch one drawing and the other constantly and feel the shape change, that's awesome.

    I was also wondering if you have some stuff of Milt Kahl doing some cartoony animation. I remember a terrific blog post of his work on the referee on Hockey Homicide short, and I would love to see more of Milt's doing this kind of work. We tend to praise his work for subtle and elegant animation but I think that he was also amazing doing cartoony animation but it's harder to find it.

    Thank you!

  2. I love these! Snow White has some of the best Disney animation imo. As refined as later Disney is, the early features really have something special about the animation, and the Dwarves are a perfect example.

  3. Congratulations on the new book/exhibition announcement, Andreas!

  4. your posts are excellent
    I'm so glad you took part in Disney's new animation, maybe we'll hear your thoughts on it in the future.

  5. Thank you for posting this expressive drawings! :)
    I like to see how Grumpy and Doc talk with their whole bodys!
    I don't need to hear a word to interpret their feelings! :)

    I love great dialogues...However, in my opinion it is often better to use less or no dialogues.

    I cut out Grumpy from the first picture and lay it in the right position on the second picture of Doc. I like to change positions or bring different things together! Especially when the result is a new interesting context. Although I'm not sure if I have a new context when I bring this Doc picture and the Grumpy drawing together... :)

    After I wrote this, I have watched Snow White again...Yes, the drafts are so charming and great!
    They are the best characters of the whole feature! :)

    I wishing you all the best Mr. Deja! :)