Monday, August 1, 2022

Advance Copy

I just received an advance copy of the catalogue/book about the Jungle Book exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum. 192 pages. It couldn't have turned out better. I am very thrilled with the printing quality and page layouts.

What can I say...I highly recommend it!!


  1. Oh man, I'm going to need a copy of that! I'm just said that I won't be able to make it from Boston to see the exhibit.

  2. Very nice! It says on the last image watercolor on paper...were all the backgrounds done in watercolor? Any gouache?

    The King Louie scene is by far my favorite in the movie...I know people love sher khans animation, but Im always floored by King Louies, esp the part preceding the guessing that was Milt Kahl?

  3. Replies
    1. Amazon will have it on November 1.

    2. Ich höre schon freudig die Weihnachtsglocken läuten!

  4. Hi Andreas! I was wondering if you happen to own any of Shamus Culhane's rough animation drawings for Disney? I haven't been able to find any authentic examples with a quick Google search.

    1. I might have a couple of his drawings from Pinocchio. I'll check.