Tuesday, September 20, 2022

"Where is Mowgli ?"


This is easily one of Milt Kahl's best scenes in the Jungle Book. Bagheera heard Baloo calling for him, so he runs toward where the bear's voice was coming from. He is less concerned with Baloo and more worried about Mowgli. 

The first part of the scene is missing here, when the panther steps on the bear. I just love the way Bagheera repositions himself to look for Mowgli in a different direction. Then back to Baloo for further questions about the boy's whereabouts. 

Those are complex, analytical drawings during the transitional motion from right to left and back. It would be just about impossible to draw those positions beautifully, but Milt pulls it off, needless to say. And he maintains a super simplicity in defining the panther's body. Always just a few lines, big cat anatomy boiled down to an essence.

The way Bagheera shakes Baloo's head in frustration at the end is such a human gesture. Done by a lesser animator this could look awful. Great squash and stretch on Baloo's neck!

The whole scene is a joy to watch and to analyze.


  1. so great! it's really awesome how much information can be packed into relatively few lines. You can see exactly how the ribcage is sitting even with just the back and chest outlines. Even more so in colour because he's also filled in dark silhouette.
    You can see the clip here https://www.sakugabooru.com/post/show/144508

  2. Wonderful shot! I used to study this one frame by frame all the time. The drawings , poses and animation are outstanding! Thanks for posting this one, Andreas! I downloaded them all to study them further!

  3. "They ambushed me! Thousands of 'em! I jabbed with my left, then I swung with the right, then I..."

    "Oh for the laaassttt tiiimmme! What happened to Mowgli?"

    "Like I told ya, them mangy monkeys carried him OFF!"

    "The ancient ruins! Oh, I hate to think of what'll happen when he meets that king of theirs."

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  5. Hi Andreas! Thank you for sharing this post about Milt Kahl's drawings of Bagheera. I love the drawings in sequence of course, but was thrilled to learn that Milt Kahl drew these. About 12 years ago, I stumbled upon a one of the drawings from this sequence, numbered 27. I never knew who the artist actually was, but you have revealed that to me tonight! So, in coordination with your blogpost, I will post on my animation blog next week a follow-up to yours. You can check it out...at animationartshop.blogspot.com by tomorrow! Thanks again!