Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Vintage Jungle Book Merchandise


Photo - The Walt Disney Family Museum

It was so much fun putting together a collection of vintage merchandise for the exhibition "Walt Disney's The Jungle Book, Making a Masterpiece". In the end we had too many items, a few didn't make the selection for the exhibit. I remember listening to those LP record albums...a lot!

In Germany we had the hot chocolate company KABA offering a series of activity/picture books. Even though I realized that the quality of the illustrations wasn't up to the art from the movie, it didn't matter. Any kind of merchandise from The Jungle Book was good enough for me.

The exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum runs through March 5, 2023. You don't want to miss it!


  1. I saw Sleeping Beauty at about the same age Andreas was when he saw Jungle Book. And my experience was similar: any Disney Sleeping Beauty book assumed automatic artistic integrity...even if the artwork was inferior. I'd be like, "Wowsie. This artwork is crap. I love it anyway! It's Some Person's take on all the characters I love!" Maybe we oughta refer to this phenomenon as an 'aesthetic paradox.' As a matter of fact, for me, Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" isn't simply the film --- it's the Golden Book [all sizes --Little, Big & Giant], The Castle Walk Thru, the Art Corner cels and the Dell Comic [which really tested the limits of the aesthetic paradox
    Andreas: Please finish that Milt Kahl book. I wanna see it before I kick, okay?

  2. Michael, funny you mention it. The Milt Kahl book is on top of my agenda. DON'T KICK YET. This book will happen, I have a lot of support in high places.

    1. Yea! That makes me so happy, Andreas. Don't hurry! [I wouldn't even mind seeing it WHILE I'm kicking]!

  3. the vintage merchandise is my favourite part of the whole exhibit!