Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Sir Ector Color Model Cel


A beautiful color model cel currently being offered by Heritage Auctions. Milt Kahl drew this pose of Sir Ector from the 1963 film The Sword in the Stone. What a beautiful spontaneous  sketch. 

In the film Richard Reitherman provided the voice of Wart, England's future king. His father Woolie Reitherman of course directed the movie. Richard stopped by my house last Sunday with one of his daughters Daniella. We watched the Woolie episode from The Disney Family Album series. Followed by a screening of MUSHKA. 

I am happy to say that both of them got teary eyed at the film's ending. Because that's the ultimate reaction to MUSHKA. 


  1. Beautiful model indeed. So Woolie Reitherman's son is the voice of Wart...didnt his son also voice Mowgli, or is that a different son? Who else has his kids voiced? Lol.

    1. Woolie's other son Bruce voiced Mowgli and Christopher Robin.

    2. Im surprised Mowgli and Christopher Robin have the same voice, they sound quite different...usually you can tell when Disney movies used the same voice actors...young Bruce must've been a good actor.

    3. Actually am I wrong or does Christopher have more than one voice? Doesn't he have a british accent but also an american one? My fav scene is the last one when he asks Pooh if he will always remember him....is that Bruce?

  2. I think I saw some of the Disney Family Album series on TV as a kid. I looked it up on YouTube and that jazzy end credits music sounds hauntingly familiar.

    It doesn't seem to be on Disney+ or similar though, which is a shame. I remember the pre-launch talk about making the entire Disney library available, and while I never really expected Song of the South, this series was one of the things I was hoping for. (Along with Zorro, and some Donald Duck fire safety movie they showed in kindergarten.) Oh well...

  3. Wow, Andreas, what a completely unique insight into the life and career of one of Disney’s Nine Old Men directing animators, Woolie Reitherman. Great job on sharing this cel color model of Sir Ector from Disney’s The Sword in the Stone(1963).

    But, anyways, congratulations on your success and popularity of Mushka. But please remember but don’t forget to play it in the Salem Film Festival in Salem, Massachusetts, if you’ve got plenty of time. Please keep the 2D flame burning strongest, but make sure you please think up your next short film. 🎥🎥🎥
    We’re all waiting for you!