Sunday, November 26, 2023

Maid Marion

This is Maid Marion's response to Robin Hood's marriage proposal.

"Marion. my love, will you marry me?", "Oh darling, I thought you'd never (ask me)." Milt Kahl animated this close up scene. As usual every drawing is gorgeous. Milt has such graphic control over the her head movements. There are some potentially tricky perspective changes, but Milt is right at home here. He always incorporated the most beautiful head angles for his dialogue scenes. This goes for all of the characters he ever animated.


  1. do you think he really did design poses like that intuitively? Or he just didn't feel like explaining whenever anyone asked about it?
    Maybe it was intuitive by this time, after many years of reworking many poses

  2. Andreas, do you have a favorite Milt Kahl performance?

  3. I'm sad Kahl hated his time at the studio at this point, considering the work was always top-notch.

    1. He probably simply wanted more freedom. Freedom to choose which project to work on, and no restrictions thank you very much.