Monday, April 22, 2024

Earth Day/Marc Davis

Happy Earth Day! Today I hope we can all reflect and contemplate the importance of the natural world and its wildlife. One of its biggest champions was Marc Davis. He and his wife Alice supported several environmental and wildlife protection organizations. Of course we all know about Marc's immense talent for depicting animals. He was an expert in anatomy and motion study. This is evident in his animation, theme park designs and his personal fine art. Here are a few masterful pieces that were recently part of a big Marc Davis art auction at Heritage.



  1. Danke fürs Posten! 🤗😊
    Was für geile Bilder! 😃
    Besonders das Pantherbild hat mich umgehauen! 🤩
    Wirkt wie aus'm Stein gemeißelt! 😍

  2. I tried bidding on that beautiful panther piece. I always loved looking at it when I would visit. Sadly it went a bit too high for me. But I hope it found a wonderful home. I was able to pick up a few smaller pieces though. I was so happy to hear the sales from the auction were going to charities and organizations Marc and Alice supported. Their love continues to help others.

  3. Beautiful! Love these. I just bought some Sleeping Beauty / Dragon artwork on Heritage - not sure if it's Marc Davis, Eric Cleworth or possibly another artist. But I reeeallly wanted a beautiful drawing of Lady and was outbid. Oh well.