Sunday, May 19, 2024

Indian Wildlife

A little while ago, while I was working on the Jungle Book exhibition for the WDFM, I had the idea to come up with sketches of the actual animals being portrayed in the film. The set is still not complete yet, but here are the first three.


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  2. Hello, my name is Noah! My apologies for bothering you, however, I'm an aspiring animator. Given your work, I was wondering if you have any tips for how to create memorable character designs for 2D animation?

    Sincerely, Noah

  3. Holy crap! When I see brilliant, personality laden drawings such as these, I can't help wondering what Mushka would've been if you went with this 'look.' You'd be sacrificing a bit of accessibility but gaining a high degree of 'artiness.' You seemed to be going a little bit in this direction early on --- I guess 'story needs' led you into a more traditional Disney style. Maybe someday you can make a 3 minute short featuring the designs seen above ---no story, just two beautifully rendered characters interacting. No wait! Forget that idea for now. Do the Milt book first.
    btw, I came across a great Marc Davis clean up of the 'surprised' prince drawing done by Milt which appears in the Applewood Sketch Book. I sent it to Mike Van Eaton. Check it out. You were right: Marc definitely had a hand in streamlining the character.

  4. The pencil line is particular. What did you draw them with?

    1. The wolf is regular ball point pen. The kind you use for crossword puzzles.

  5. so great, I love the shoulders on the leopard. I also really enjoyed your video on John Pomeroy's website, it was cool to see what the first versions of your roughs look like