Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marc Davis talkes about Bambi

Here is a clip from another UK TV show, this time from the early 80ies.
Marc is in his home studio, where he explains how he achieved human expressions on a realistic fawn. 
Frank Thomas told me once that the animators couldn't have come up with he same results if it wasn't for Marc's thorough and extremely useful research.

Characters like the ones in Bambi could easily look overly sweet and kitschy, but when you have artists involved with Marc's caliber, that's not going to happen. Instead the film's cast is portrayed with unparalleled elegance and beauty. 


  1. Awesome, how calm and clear way he tell and draw. :)

  2. Thanks for this Andreas! Hope you're doing well! I too am doing my own thing. check out my new website

  3. Wow, Marc Davis is indeed one of 20th century greatest artists. One question, who came with the eyes design? I have always thougth the eyes had an important part in expressing the feelings of the Bambi characters. Thank you for the post and the inspiration.

    1. Looking at the model sheet with all the expression studies, I'd say it was Marc who not only came up with the way to do eyes but the whole facial concept.

    2. Do you think drawing a deer it's difficult or not beacuse i try to draw the head and the eyes like Mark Davis but I don't know how.

  4. Speaking of Bambi, thanks for the Bambi sketch from CTN this year. I'm sure Mr. Davis would be proud!