Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Victory Through Air Power

For this most unusual of all Disney animated feature films Marc Davis storyboarded the fight sequence between the eagle and the octopus. The drawings date back to 1942/43.
What a change from his story work on Bambi, which delicately showed  the poetry of nature and animal characters in the forest. Here Marc pulled all the stops in order to portray these action scenes in the most dramatic way. These story sketches were so effective that the powerful staging, color and lighting made it into the final film intact.
Marc had established himself as an artist who could handle any kind of material. Wether character styling, story sketch or animation, he excelled at all of these.

Incidentally, it was the Bill Tytla who animated the sequence, and I believe this was his last assignment before leaving Disney.
Marc and Tytla stayed in touch and remained friends for the rest of their lives.

A final film frame from the sequence.


  1. Wow, powerful! Has that Fantasia vibe going on!

  2. Tytla animated Chernabog in the Night on Bald Mountain sequence. Scale was definitely not a problem. (In between these two he would animate Dumbo, at his request just to avoid being typecast. :) )

  3. Ah Bill Tytla...such a shame that his career at Disney didn't last longer

  4. The storyboards really translated well into the final film product.

  5. I recall learning about this in Air Force Basic training. How important the Army Air Corps is important to the war machine.

  6. Hi Mr. Deja I me and my wife met you at the dedication of the Roy E Disney animation building and still talk about how delighted we were to meet a man who had so much to do with some of our best childhood memories. I'm still kicking myself for not asking you to draw something for me. So glad you are doing a blog we will be following it for sure. Thanks!