Sunday, June 29, 2014

Contract Negotiations

Director John Musker came up with this hilarious cartoon panel featuring Jeffrey Katzenberg and myself.
After I had completed my work on Roger Rabbit I returned from London back to the Burbank Studio.
At that time management decided to put key animation personal under contract. But I was seriously considering to return to Europe to work in animation over there. 
To my bewilderment and surprise I started receiving gifts from Jeffrey’s office, usually with a note that asked me to stay on and sign a contract. The truth is that I did take my time to decide my future, but before I finally opted for continuing work at Disney I was not offered Milt Kahl scenes from the archives.
Instead I had asked for Milt’s animation desk. The deal was that I could have it, IF I could find it around the studio. Well, with the help of old studio photographs I did locate the desk (at least the upper half). The photos showed Milt working on that desk during the 1950s and 1960s. 

It really hasn’t helped me to become a better animator…but it is a very cool thing to own.


  1. Milt Kahl´s animation Desk.Then Andreas Animation Desk......what an honor...!!
    Who is sitting there now?! :)

  2. Wow, the ultimate treasure hunt ... and find!

  3. now That's negotiating.!! Can I ask you about the chairs they used?(like in the Ward and Fred photo) Were there any left when you were there? I imagine Walt included them in the Burbank designs that Ken Weber did. Did the guys like them?..That's 30 years plus for some in those chairs....I'm never happy with my chair...hehe.

  4. man, do you have any photos of it? Was there a lot of cool European animation going on at the time, like there is now?

  5. Hilarious! John Musker has great character sketches. He can even laugh at himself.

  6. That sketch cartoon made my day.

    1. Jeffrey also evidently knows talent when he sees it. I believe he, on David Geffin's suggestion, was the one who brought Howard Ashman and Alan Menken in.

      Very, very glad you took that deal. There are a LOT of memorable/legendary characters you've animated, Andreas.

      Did Jeffrey really send you See's Candies and flowers? I read the name See's on that box of chocolates in the second frame.

  7. Danke für diese Geschichte und die Erklärung für den witzigen Cartoon! 😊