Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Monday night at the Hollywood Bowl! The Little Mermaid in Concert! What an incredible evening.
Before the performance began, some members of the film's creative staff were asked to enter the stage for a bow, and I was thrilled to have been included. Then there was a pre-show with Susan Egan, Darren Criss and many others. 
The complete movie was shown on gigantic screens, only interrupted when a song was about to start.
The songs were interpreted by various artists such as Rebel Wilson, who performed Ursula. 

Much has been written about this event, which covered shows on three nights. Here is just one link:

An entirely different reason that calls for celebration is the fact that this blog started exactly FIVE years ago on the 11th of this month. Over 5 mill. page views! And the recent surge in viewers tells me that there still is a lot of love for the art and culture of pencil animation.

Here is a beautiful celebratory drawing by Heinrich Kley depicting Bacchus on his long suffering donkey. 

The blog will be updated again on Monday. In the meantime you might want to visit some of my favorite posts:


  1. Congratulations and the Blog's anniversary!! It is truly a treasure of knowledge and nostalgia and insight that fans and industry veterans alike can appreciate again and again! Continued success to you and many thanks! ;)

  2. (Congratulations "ON" the blog's anniversary.") ;p

  3. Congrats , Andreas and thanks for making this blog and share all your knowledge and artwork and love for this amazing art form that is hand drawn animation.

  4. Congratulations and thank you Andreas!

  5. Recently discovered this blog and am going back and reading the archives. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and share this amazing art and knowledge. Here's to five more years!

  6. Congratulations Andreas, you are the best Disney entertainer who could have had!

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary of this blog - it truly is a unique resource. There are a few sites I've bookmarked and which I return to again and again, and I always know that every few days I will find something special and interesting here.