Sunday, December 4, 2016

More on Milt's Merlin

These sheets were put together during production of The Sword in the Stone. They show partial Milt Kahl drawings, focusing on Merlin's head as well as his hands. At that time Milt couldn't be bothered with creating model sheets that show the character's construction, turn around etc. 
He would start off with a few scenes for a character, then it was up to one of his assistants to arrange poses for model sheets. The tricky thing is that other animators like Frank, Ollie and Lounsbery had to figure out by themselves what the exact proportions are and how to work with Milt's graphic shapes dimensionally. Not an easy thing to do!


  1. Those hands are a work of a master. Milt is definitely the Michelangelo of animation hands down!

  2. This for me is beautiful gift! For study the style drawings of Milt Kahl, thanks Mr. Deja!

  3. Brilliant. You can almost see the hands move on the page.

  4. Andreas, would the assistant take his scenes and xeroxed copies of the drawings or actually cut the poses out and glue them onto a board for the model sheets?

    1. Xeroxed copies only. The originals were touched up (cleaned up) before being xeroxed on to cels.

  5. perfectly mastered graphics!Love that movie

  6. I gotta *hand* it to Milt, Merlin was always a favorite of mine!