Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More on Milt's Sir Ector


I love this size sheet made up of Milt Kahl drawings. What a great variety of characters defined by unique proportions and shapes.
As Frank and Ollie noted in The Illusion of Life, the human characters in Sword in the Stone were animated without life action reference. (Though a few scenes with Wart were actually filmed, performed by two of director Woolie Reitherman's sons).

Here are a few rough animation drawings by Milt, taken off the Sir Ector model sheet. They appear in the film during the dish washing sequence. Well worth studying frame by frame.
There is this great scene where Kay is trying to get his father out of the wash tub, before he ends up in it himself. Great comedy animated with terrific weight.
And the drawings themselves aren't half bad either!!

Another one of those sheets that somebody put together with Milt's rough animation drawings.

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  1. Beautiful designs!
    I also like the character line!
    He did a great job Milt Kahl and even Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston to have it put in the book.

  2. Fantastic! The day before yesterday I was studying just this draw, you can see it here!

  3. Did Don Bluth work on this as well? Don's Dirk from Dragon's Lair reminds me a lot of these designs.

    1. Bluth worked on it as some kind of assistant animator at the time. A lot of his later characters ended up resembling Kahl's, but Dirk in particular, like you said

  4. Amazing!
    By the way, I saw some "Animator's Collection" dolls of Lilo in the window of a Disney store near me, and was wondering if you designed it? I didn't get a close look

    1. By the way Andreas, is The Sword in the Stone is before Sleeping Beauty because Sleeping Beauty is in the 14th century is that correct.

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  6. This is what I love best in Disney and especially Milt's animation of humans; that element of caricature while still being totally believable. So much better than slavishly copying live action. Thanks, as usual, for your fabulous posts!