Thursday, December 8, 2016

More on Milt's Sir Kay

In this scene Kay walks away from Wart at the end of the dishwashing sequence. Wart is defending Merlin's magic, while Sir Ector proclaims that young Hobs instead of Wart is going to be Kay's squire.
Kay adds:"Ah, that'll teach yah tah pop off, yah little pipsqueak!" He lifts up his sword in anticipation of cutting a broomstick in half (during the next scene.)
Look at how Milt has Kay's near foot coming through, as the heel is leading. A Kahl signature piece of movement.
Great rough animation drawings (even though these are copies of copies), before Milt's assistant would clean them up on the same sheet of paper.


  1. Andreas, do you think you can ride a book about The Art of Milt Kahl beacuse there are a lots of artworks, will you like if I can send my email address.

  2. I'm amazed at how clear these drawings are. In the past you've posted some of his drawings from the 40's where he's figuring out parts of the drawing as he's doing it, or leaving parts to get back to later. Doing weighty human motion, while acting, and seemingly not struggling with the drawing is pretty incredible.

  3. Off-topic, but Andreas, what did you think of Moana?

  4. Great pics, as ever! They are, however, not in sequence - Kay actually takes 5 steps (or 4½) in all. The sequence should be:
    1, 10, 5, 7, 9, 3, 6, 8, 4, 2, 11, 12.

    (I've just spent 6 hours in Photoshop, lining the drawings up with frame grabs from the movie - perhaps I shouldn't try to get a life!)