Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Behind the Scenes of Peter Pan

Kathryn Beaumont visits John Hench in this publicity still. Hench was a color stylist on the movie Peter Pan. Here he is looking at a layout for the the scene below, a gigantic camera move during the flight to Neverland sequence.

Image/Hans Bacher blog:

Co director Ham Luske helps out during the filming of a live action scene. He is holding his young son Tommy Luske, who plays Michael as he flies into Wendy's arms. The final frame shows a different camera angle.

Actor Roland Dupree holds Kathryn Beaumont for a scene in which Peter Pan protects Wendy from Captain Hook. The final frame is one of my favorite images from the film.
Staging and lighting are phenomenal, magic!

There are many posts about Peter Pan in this blog, here is one that I like in particular:


  1. That Peter Pan frame of him holding Wendy is also my favorite

  2. The layout in that flying sequence is amazing! You get such a great sensation of flight.

    1. I agree. It's amazing how an animated film like Peter Pan can pull of a stunning camera trick like that.

  3. Andreas, Are some Disney fans come to visit in your studio some times, it's only a question.

  4. I've always been amazed by the illusion of depth in that painting as the camera leaves Peter and the Darling kids and pans out to the horizon. Simply stunning piece of camera work.

  5. The character acting in this scene is so well done. It's a frightful moment and yet Peter and Wendy embrace so innocently and tenderly after the rescue. It's something at the heart of these films.