Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Idea

A few years ago I was fooling around with designs for an animated film that involved a story about the friendship between a boy and a circus elephant.
But things happened, and I chose a friendship between a girl and a tiger instead as subjects for my animated film.


  1. That would have been a cute story too, but Mushka sounds more for my taste, although I haven't seen it yet. Only saw a little preview on Youtube

  2. Did you find the idea before you make Mushka, but you can make a new story with the boy and an elephant that can be an new idea for your production, I know you like Tiger's beacause you grow up with The Jungle Book and thats you're favorite Disney movie and I love your sketches your the best artist Andreas.

  3. These drawings are great, but you probably went the right one. From what you've shown of Mushka, it's a super strong idea

  4. Hello, Andreas. After viewing the trailer for Mushka, I was absolutely blown away from the quality of animation and the amazing character designs. I am very impressed and am so excited to see you return to 2D animation. Your work at Disney is truly some of the best I have ever seen.

    I literally grew up watching cartoons from Disney, and you and Glen Keane continue to inspire my own work as a character designer. Right now, I am working as a freelancer, but I am branching out into 2D animation so I can produce my own short films (or full length films). And seeing your new artwork has definitely sparked my excitement to get started.

    Now, I would like to share my own portfolio with you:
    Thank you for being such a great artist, Andreas. Best of luck and god bless.

  5. Hey Andreas,

    Ich bin 13 Jahre alt und wollte fragen welche Voraussetzungen man brauch um bei Disney zu Zeichnen. Würde mich über Antwort freuen.

    Schöne grüße aus deiner alten Heimatstadt Dinslaken :)

  6. Wow. I always enjoy learning about alternate takes that never got off the ground, and this one sounds like it could have been very special.

  7. I'm terribly sorry to use the comments in such a way, especially seeing the artwork of this beautiful concept art, but I was hoping you could help someone who is working on figuring out something.

    Could you, if you find the time, post a segment about the Disney villains you created on their, in your opinion, heights? I've been attempting to create a height chart, but to gauge a proper height is difficult as few viable sources exist.

    Again, it's merely a request, which while I hope you could fulfill, I would understand if you cannot for any reason. Sorry to bother you.


  8. Sounds like it would have been great. I can't wait to see Mushka!!

  9. and you chose stripes over wrinkles?...hehe..May I ask about your tiger animation?. Are you doing the stripes as you go on keys for better muscular definition? or are they a second pass after the main action is in Dalmations?...cheers from San Diego!