Saturday, March 17, 2018

King Louie & Flunkey

Ken Anderson came up with sketches that defined the relationship with King Louie and the little langur monkey in The Jungle Book.
Louie is annoyed by Flunkey who imitates his own jazzy vocalization. The Anderson sketch shows a simple "shut up" approach. In the final footage, animated by Frank Thomas, there is more of a chase involved as Louie tries to silence the monkey. Frank did animate the Ken Anderson version, but for all I know that footage is lost.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! Every scene of King Louie has such brilliant gags. I still laugh when I see Louie skipping over his long arms! :-)

  2. I really like this version better than the Live-Action version because I felt like it's the same story and it's not the same and not really easy to compare both of theme but I preferred the animation version and it's really comic and more funny, it's sad that why people preferred the Live-Action than the Animation, I grew up with the Animation because Aladdin came out before I was born, and I love all the Art of Animation by the Nine Old Men of Snow White and the seven dwarfs to The Jungle Book in the 40s & 60s and later by other Artist who work in the 80s & 90s The Little Mermaid to The Lion King, beautiful designs sketches but my favorite Artworks that i love the most it's the Art of Kay Nielsen and of course Tyrus Wong.

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