Monday, March 12, 2018

More of Milt's Penny

I created these "model sheets" of Penny scenes animated by Milt Kahl...a long time ago.
Way back when production began on Oliver & Company I started doing experimental animation of the character of Jenny. What better inspiration than a girl character of the same age animated by Milt?
So much to learn from these drawings. When to draw the jaw line all the way to the ear and when not.
How subtle facial features like eyes, nose, lips work in perspective. Hands, clothing, and simplified anatomy in general. There is a lot to love here.

I didn't end up animating on Oliver and Company, (except for a handful of scenes with the dogs, Roger Rabbit was calling), but these sketches still present to me a standard of excellence when it comes to animating a young girl like Sarah in my film Mushka.


  1. Andreas, how long is the production of Mushka did you start it 6 years ago in 2011 ? I know it takes a lot of time to finish the movie, je trouve sa super ton travaille (I found its a great work, sorry I spoke in Franch too.

  2. Wasn't Jenny originally meant to be Penny living with her new adopted family? And when they reworked her into an original character, they just switched out one letter in her name?

  3. These sketches of Penny are so lovely, they inspire me to do Little girl drawings

  4. Wow, Andreas, love your recreated model sheet of Penny, for ref. Say, were those drawings Xeroxes of the originals or just originals?

  5. Oh, I was wondering about your credit on Oliver & Company, thanks for clearing that up.
    I'm surprised at how little of the jaw lines he drew, but I guess you'd want to minimise those kinds of details on a child character.
    Some of Penny's dialogue comes across a bit corny, but the animators certainly drew her with really genuine kid behavior. I love that they drew her with missing teeth, rough hair, wobbly knees and chubby fingers, like a real kid!

  6. Love these, Andreas. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The film is worth watching just to see Kahl at the height of his powers here (and, sadly, the end of his career) - thanks for sharing this!