Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dumbo Story Sketch

What an extraordinary story sketch by Bill Peet. 
The circus ringmaster confronts Mrs. Jumbo, who is protecting her baby son. Every character showing distinctively different emotions. This reminds me of what Frank Thomas once said:
"If you have characters in a scene who all think alike, you have a problem."

I also love the crowd's shadows on the ground. Bill Peet is the man!!

More of his story sketches here:


  1. Bill Peet was an incredible story artist! His Dumbo storyboards are so good it's no wonder that the animators stuck so close to them. There's barely any noticeable difference between the storyboard in the link and the actual scene in the movie.

  2. Kinda juxtaposed with the actual sequence in the film. Instead of this basic idea of Peet's, the Ringmaster and the zookeepers frickin restrain Mrs. Jumbo.