Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Crazy Pelican Postman

I animated this scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit about a hundred years ago.
These frames are from the start of the scene, which went on and on as the camera pans screen right to reveal life on a film studio's backlot.
This was the cartooniest animation I had done up to this point. I remember animating the brooms from Fantasia using live actin brooms sweeping the floor. All on ones. 
The brooms were also hopping along to the beat of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

A ton of work, I had no weekends working on this film. No regrets. It was all worth it!


  1. Dang Andreas! I love this shot and the animation in it... but I never knew the pelican was yours! The innocent, clueless expression on the fish always cracks me up.

    Hope you're doing okay these days. Stay healthy!

  2. roger rabbit is what made me become an animator

  3. I remember this so vividly, very good

  4. I thought you said Dave Spafford animated this part? Or did he just do the pelican with the bag on his head reaching for the mail?

    1. That's correct. Dave animated the Pelican after he crashes and reaches for the mail.