Saturday, December 11, 2021

"You've just made a serious mistake, my friend!"


Kaa is threatening Bagheera, who has just smacked the python against a tree branch. It was the panther's quick reaction that saved Mowgli's life. Just like the boy before, now Bagheera is being hypnotized. 

I remember watching this scene in a movie theatre -ages ago- and the strange feeling I got from seeing Bagheera's eyes become as large as tennis balls. It is an exaggerated effect to show that he, too, can't avoid Kaa's hypnotic stare. 

Bagheera is a relatively realistic character, with proper big cat anatomy and motion. So you don't expect such a cartoony expression at all. But it sure lets the viewer feel what the panther is going through in this situation. I love this scene, animated by Milt Kahl. These are copies of his rough animation drawings. 


  1. This visual gag always stood out to me, but somehow it never really felt out of place or forced.
    I guess it has a similar effect to what you guys were doing when you incorporated hand-like gestures in the relatively natural feline behavior in Lion King.
    It's little details that enhance the scene.

  2. I'll be honest Andreas, you got me laughing right now. When people use the word mistake in that kind of context, it kind of is a threat.

  3. A good example of correct exaggeration