Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The World of Bruno Bozzetto

This is what I call an early Italian Christmas. I just received this incredible box set of films by Bruno Bozzetto, on blu-ray. Available at Amazon/Germany. It includes three of his feature films:

- Allegro Non Troppo

- West and Soda

- The Super Vips

Also, a booklet, most of his award winning short films and two documentaries. Language choices are Italian and German. This whole collection is a dream come true. The picture quality is fantastic!

I highly recommend this box set.

Here is a link to a previous post on Maestro Bozzetto:



  1. I got mine too! I haven't had time to go through it yet, but it IS gorgeous. I sampled the discs and the video quality is indeed outstanding. I already owned an Italian DVD boxset of his films ("Tutto Bozzetto, o quasi"), but the "restorations" on that set made the movies look like they were transferred from video tape.

    I wish I could read the booklet, but I don't understand German. Skimming through it, I believe I noticed references to the the Disney package features, and others.

    It's been a long time since I read Frank and Ollie's "Illusion of Life", but I recall they mention Bozzetto in the text, but cannot remember what they wrote about him and his films. (I think it's safe to assume the commentary was positive.)

  2. Do you know if the discs contain english subtitles?

    1. They do not. But in the case of Allegro Non Troppo, most of it is music anyway.

    2. Not sure if there is any release with English subtitles for the other two films available anywhere.

      The "Tutto Bozzetto" DVD boxset does provide English subtitles, but they are computer translated and practically incomprehensible.

  3. Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to watching it.